Mountain House Charcoal Steamboat Restaurant

Mountain House charcoal steamboat is another average steamboat restaurant in Brinchang. Located in the middle of Brinchang town, they offer charcoal steamboat. They claimed that their vegetables and ingredients are organic which is not true according to the original organic steamboat in Brinchang.

Tomyam and clear soup

Steamboat pots were traditionally used before gas became more affordable. It is still being practiced today although it is not as common because it requires a lot more preparation. However, it is known that charcoal pots are more delicious and more aromatic but would be best using clear soup and not the tomyam one.

You can find this type of pots through the tall chimneys on the pots designed to avoid the ash dropping into the soup. Another type of steamboat is the organic vegetable hotpot which uses organically grown produce like vegetables and such. The locals have told us that the vegetables served by mountain house are not really organic.

During the peak seasons, you can expect these restaurants to be very packed. As such, you should make advance booking or make your order only prior to visiting to avoid having to wrestle in the crowd or risk not being able to get a place.

Limited parking space

During these times, parking is very limited which means you might have to drive a while to find a spot. This restaurant is not offering organic vegetables.

Address: No 8 Jalan Besar Brinchang, cameron Highlands Pahang.


Mountain Charcoal Steamboat Restaurant